Shaping Up the Universe of Batora: Lost Haven – Mahdzam’s World Building

Avril will explore some unique locations on her interplanetary journey!

Today, we’d like to tell you more about the water planet – Mahdzam.

Mahdzam is shaped much like an inverted pyramid and is composed entirely of water which is present in liquid, solid and gaseous states.

The base of the planet is a gigantic ocean inhabited by creatures that have shapes similar to newts and nagas. These beings are known as the Dirs (the Dir tribe) and are renowned for their ferociousness.

The liquid part of Mahdzam is the largest and is home to hundreds of life forms!

Thanks to its proximity to the planet Lume, the ocean receives a constant influx of heat, evaporating the water up to the sky, creating a giant gaseous vortex at the top of the pyramid.

The middle of the planet is composed entirely of ice and is inhabited by the Flerki, a people made of penguins (Synir) and anthropomorphic walruses (Rostungar) who live inside a huge ark. This icy landscape has a totally flat shape and at the extreme limit of its borders, the ice falls towards the ocean below – converting back to liquid form in a continuous cycle.

The flora on Mahdzam is almost completely made of water too!
It’s also not uncommon to see trees made entirely of gas, these are called Gler. The Gler are revered by the people of the ice, as they represent a link between them and the sages of the skies.

Because of its ‘inverted pyramid’ structure, Mahdzam has the complete opposite shape to the planet Huav, where the vortex is at the bottom. However, despite its substantial difference, Mahdzam also requires constant energy from the world of Lume to be able to sustain its continuous cycle. As a result of sharing the heat from the planet of fire, the planet suffers from very unstable periods, just like its counterpart.

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