What bOUndaRies wOUld yOU cROss tO saVe yOUR hOme?


Jump on a journey across colorful and mesmerizing planets in this story-driven action RPG where your conscience will carry the weight of your decisions

Available ON PC/PS/XBOX.


Earth is dying.

The physical and mental balance of a naive and reckless girl who lost everything is the only weapon to save the Earth from oblivion.

After a mysterious event, most of the Earth was destroyed. Avril, a 16-year-old girl, has witnessed the death of her older sister Rose due to this event. Together with her best friend Mila, she discovers two amulets connected to Sun and Moon, two unknown entities that lead her to start her quest to bring Earth back to its former glory.
In order to develop and acquire the physical and mental powers required to accomplish her feat, Avril will have to move around the 4 different planets of Gryja, Huav, Mahdzam and Lume - each guarding an elemental essence.

Along her adventure, Avril will learn that the line between good and evil is thin. Her path will be determined by her own decisions, and through each planet, she will find out the meaning of betrayal, friendship and sacrifice.



Batora: Lost Haven® combines the features of a hack & slash and a twin-stick shooter in a nonlinear interplanetary story-driven action RPG

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Action-packed, interplanetary adventure

Join a fantastical journey across the universe to explore alien worlds, where you’ll meet a variety of unique beings, and uncover the secrets of the galaxy.

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Unique polarity switching mechanic

Harness the dual powers of Sun and Moon to overcome rewarding environmental challenges and vanquish deadly enemies.

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Branching story with multiple endings

Your choices decide the fate of the universe and those who inhabit it. Consider your actions and forge your path in an epic, interplanetary tale from a Writers’ Guild award winner.

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Fast-paced Multi-layered Combat

Leverage the power of your mind and body in frenetic battles against fantastical creatures and unearthly foes...

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Intricate puzzle solving

Put your mind and body to the test to solve otherworldly challenges!

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Retro Sci-Fi art style

Explore colorful and diverse alien landscapes with hand-painted visuals inspired by 1950s retro science fiction.


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