Life on Huav: The Yu Xuan Tribe

In our last blog, we told you about the builders of Huav – the cunning and magical Xiaias. This time, we’re going to tell you all about the other tribes that inhabit Huav – the powerful Yu Xuan, and their subordinate tribes, the Jingren and Congmin…

Wanmei is the jewel of the planet of Huav and is the place where all the wise cultures of destroyers live, holders of the power and eternal wisdom due to the proximity to the core and the immortal forest of Yulin. Wanmei’s wonderful temples are the seat of the Yu Xuan, the wise holders of the world’s wisdom. 

In fact, unlike Gryja, where the ruling class is represented by the builders’ faction, in Huav the destroyers, represented by the Yu Xuan, hold the power.

Their temples are created with the rarest and most precious materials on the planet and are used as both places of worship and political headquarters for the most important and wealthy exponents. 

The Yu Xuan are the sages who rule the energies of the winds. These have the task of communicating with the guardian through ancient rituals related to the music of the winds and are the only ones able to cover institutional positions. There is no way to ascend to this rank other than by birthright, so power plays are extremely common even among members of the same elite! Although they can live for a long time, their thirst for power has led them to monopolize the rains coming from the jade forest, making them almost immortal and extremely selfish. 

The powerful Jingren

The Jingren are the elite guards of the realm and are the only ones who can carry weapons and armor! They are very tall, slender, and extremely strong in combat. Each of them carries a cloak and glyphs that link them to one of the realm’s temples, which helps them reveal their status and importance. Some of the Jingren are so powerful that they are able to maneuver (with the aid of coercion) some of the lesser Yu Xuan. This allows them to hold some sort of power behind the throne, yearning one day to be able to carry out a coup and subvert the status quo. According to their ancient tradition, the Jingren are born from the feathers released by the guardians during their journey, which is why their pride and arrogance are equal only to that of the Yu Xuan. 

The humble Congmin

The Congmin are the humblest bloodline that inhabits the Forbidden City and are the most common sub-culture. They usually perform roles as merchants. Although they are clearly less important than the priests or guardians, the Congmin are still part of the upper circle of the planet of Huav, which is why even the humblest of them wear extremely complex and precious clothes. The wealthier a Congmin is, the heavier the jewelry and items it wears. Their beak is longer than their counterparts and they have small lively eyes combined with long claws, useful for precision manual work!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the different tribes on Huav. We’ll be sharing more information about the world of Batora: Lost Haven as we head towards launch next year.

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