Watch the new story trailer and get ready to play the PC demo of Batora: Lost Haven!

Hello, Keeper of Balance!

Since last Summer’s Closed Alpha, we’ve had many players asking for a new opportunity to play Batora: Lost Haven.

We’ve been working very hard to make it possible, and we’re very excited to tell you that it’s finally happening. 

And this time everyone will have access to it!

This is not a drill: Batora: Lost Haven will take part in Steam Next Fest, a 7-day event during which you will get to play the game’s PC demo.

And there’s more – because we couldn’t just leave you with this news and not give you anything for the wait, here’s the game’s brand new story trailer to give you a sneak peek at what’s in store…

This trailer gives you some new insights on what will lead Avril to the exciting interplanetary journey that she will face with Mila, her lifelong friend, the enemies that she’ll fight, and the fascinating creatures that she’ll meet along the way.

Clearly, life is hard when you find out you’re the Chosen One to save the Earth!

And now that we’ve caught up on all the latest news, it’s time to give you some more details about the demo of Batora: Lost Haven!

  • WHEN: you’ll get to play the demo exclusively during the Steam Next Fest, which will take place from 21-28 February
  • WHO: this event is open to all Steam users: you just need a Steam account and a PC to be able to play it!
  • WHAT: by playing the demo you will enter the world of Batora: Lost Haven, solving new puzzles and facing terrible enemies, and understand some of the secrets behind Avril’s quest to save planet Earth… 
  • WHY: do we really need to explain why you should take this chance to play Batora: Lost Haven? It’s the deepest insight you can have on the game before its launch, it’s open to everyone, and it’s free!
  • HOW: when the event starts, you’ll just need to visit Batora: Lost Haven’s Steam Page, download the demo, and play it. It’s that easy!

Get ready to fight with Avril to save the Earth!

Meanwhile, we suggest you wishlist the game now if you haven’t already: you’ll be notified as soon as the demo is out and won’t risk missing all the news and surprises related to Batora: Lost Haven!



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