Improvements available in the new Batora: Lost Haven patch

It’s been almost 3 weeks since Batora: Lost Haven launched, and we are so happy that Batora: Lost Haven has been received so well from the community! 

We promised you that we would continue to work to make Batora: Lost Haven even better and follow all your directions to thank you for your support, listening to your feedback, which has been essential to improve the gaming experience.

Here we are, then, ready to announce a patch that will allow you to live an always better gaming experience and continue enjoying Batora: Lost Haven in the best possible way.

  • “Meaningful choices” are now clearer – from the point of view of the UI we have inserted a golden halo to better identify the narrative junctions during which to make key decisions for the continuation of the story. The golden halo will begin to pulsate when one of the two choices you are going to make will prove to be fundamental for the development of the plot of your future.

  • Improved Achievements / Trophies obtaining – on Xbox it is now possible to correctly unlock Queen of Greenfield Achievements; on PlayStation 5 we have improved the localization of the activity cards in Italian.
  • Improved performance and stability on Consoles and PCs – we have reduced the possible crashes of the game by increasing the stability of the build, in addition we have also reduced the possibility of running into blocking problems that could compromise the fluidity of the game. From a performance point of view, we have made the framerate more stable.

  • Improved the input of the controls when playing with gamepad – We changed the default key mapping that allowed Avril to interact with the environment, so as not to interfere with other game mechanics. Now the interaction takes place with the Square button on PlayStation and X on Xbox, while it was previously located on Triangle button on PlayStation and Y on Xbox. The possibility remains for the players to remap the keys and choose the preferred combination. Also in this area we have improved the auto-aim, to allow you to have a better assisted aim in hitting enemies and environmental objects, such as crystals to recover energy.
  • Improved audio quality – now you can enjoy a better and smoother audio experience, thanks to improved synchronization between audio and cutscenes. We have also added the general volume slider on the console, for a single, more immediate adjustment, so as to allow you to manage all the audio tracks in a single solution.
  • Improved combat system in New Game and New Game + – we rebalanced the effects of attacks and damages, skills and behaviour of Avril, her companions and some NPCs, to make fights more fluid and satisfying, both in NG and NG+. This also applies to some boss fights deemed too difficult.

  • Improved User Interface in the game menus and in-game – now, in New Game +, you can clearly see the narrative choices you made during the first run, so that you can create different paths and discover new narrative implications.
  • VFX, textures and environments – we improved all these elements by making them smoother to enhance your overall visual experience.
  • Improved physics for Avril and NPCs – Interactions with the environment, both for Avril and the NPCs, are now smoother and more fluid.
  • Improved dialogues and texts – we improved the codex’s fruibility by making it easier to scroll; we fixed some typos in Japanese, German, English, and Italian; we also enhanced the synchronization between dialogues and the corresponding subtitles to make the overall experience more enjoyable.

In the next few days, an even more substantial patch will arrive that will improve your gaming experience even more, based again on your feedback and recommendations. 

Don’t forget to continue reviewing the game on Steam and leave a comment on our last game, available NOW on PlayStation 4/5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X!


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