Batora: Lost Haven dev update – July 2022

Hello Keeper of Balance!

We are getting closer and closer to the definitive release of Batora: Lost Haven (announced for this fall) and to allow you to have a new taste of the work we are carrying out we have decided to update our PC demo! Check out all the updates we have done for this new version of the Batora: Lost Haven demo, since the last March update.

Updates since the last Demo

Tutorial layout improvements
Let’s start by saying that we have improved the layout of the tutorials, so as to make it much more intuitive! A way to allow you to enter the world of Batora: Lost Haven in the best possible way. 

Redesigned UI and GUI
Along with the tutorial improvements you will find a new UI, redesigned to allow you to have an easier reading for all data, easier navigation and also an improvement of the shop screen, now more intuitive and with the data shown in a clearer way. 

[In the first screen you can see the old UI, in the second one the new one]

Together with the UI, we also improved the GUI, with an easier to read lifebar and dynamic indications with the buttons on the screen: we have decided to show you only those that can be activated in the current mode, to optimize space on the screen.

A new Zoom system
The aspect that we were most interested in improving, however, was related to the zoom in game. As many of you pointed out that it would be great to be able to zoom on the beautifully detailed environments, the view is now much closer to Avril and what is happening, allowing you to enjoy greater detail and proximity to the action. While maintaining the isometric view, therefore, we were able to find a solution that allows you to be more focused on the action. The new system allows you to adjust the camera choosing between two zoom modes. 

[In the first screen you can see the zoom out system, then in the second one you can see the zoom in system]

New loading screens and balancing 
Along with the performance and visual effects improvements, we’ve added new artwork to the loading screens and fine-tuned the balance. To close, the combat system has improved basic attack combos thanks to more precise controls in the mental mode.

How to play the demo?

  • Have you already played the demo? Just start the Steam client to automatically start the update to the new version. 
  • Have you already played the demo but uninstalled it? You can download the demo again and the updated version will be installed directly on your PC!
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Thanks to these new updates, playing the new demo of Batora: Lost Haven will allow you to live a new experience, more faithful to what will be the final version of the game. In order to have access to the demo we remind you to subscribe to our newsletter, also to stay up to date on the latest development news!



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