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Life on Huav: the Xiaia Tribe

On her journey across the planets, Avril will explore the breathtaking planet of air known as Huav. 

Huav is built on a huge hurricane, and its sharp rocks, apparently heavy, can float like clouds!

The planet is divided into five different realms, but only two of them are inhabited by superior physical beings: the builders, who call themselves Xiaia; the destroyers, who hold the power on this planet, are the Yu Xuan.

Today we’re going to tell you all about the Xiaia tribe!

Xiaias inhabit the desert of Huav, and they are cold-blooded beings, living in small slums made of debris scattered throughout the desert. During the night and in the hottest hours, the small lizards hide in the sand, avoiding unwanted contact with the primordials that infest the land during the most dangerous moments.

Xiaias are divided into two macro-categories: the explorers and the shamans.

Some explorers in the Desert of Huav

The explorers are nimble and cunning and instinctively capable of building small engineering masterpieces. Only the most capable explorers can climb the nets along the lower realm and so they are normally respected and revered by all! Explorers are often armed with bows or small swords made from scrap metal salvaged from the sky and wear improvised armor made from a mixture of metals and organic components.

Shamans in their magical, sandy environment

The shamans are smaller in size and have greenish skin. Unlike the explorers, these little lizards have a predilection for magical techniques due to a primordial instinct that allows them to understand and convey the winds and energies of the sand! In ancient times, the shamans were the only ones able to communicate directly with the guardians, and it was their job to calm the winds and keep the peace on all kingdoms…

Next time, we’ll introduce you to the other main tribe of Huav – the Yu Xuan, and their subordinates, the Jingren and Congmin.

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