Find out more about our partnership with Razer for Batora: Lost Haven

Hello Keeper of Balance!

In order to make the best possible game you need to be able to work with the best possible hardware

Avril, the main character of Batora: Lost Haven, has two color-coded natures and thanks to the Razer’s Blade 15 and Blade 17 laptops we had the chance to implement a tailor-made Razer Chroma RGB lighting system connected to what happens in-game and express Batora’s chromatic symbology, from orange to purple, which makes everything way more immersive for the players.

Then, thanks to the Razer Blades’s internal NVIDIA RTX GPUs we had the possibility to integrate ray tracing in Batora: Lost Haven and to satisfy all our needs as video game developers, while working in hybrid mode too. 

These made the Razer Blade laptops the best partners for our developer team! To find out more about Batora: Lost Haven visit our Steam page and wishlist our new project!



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