The hidden meaning behind the symbol on Avril’s forehead

The symbol on Avril’s forehead certainly doesn’t go unnoticed, but what is its hidden meaning? Alright, it’s time to reveal it!

First of all, this symbol is an amulet donated to Avril by Sun and Moon, the two mystical entities that lead her to start her quest to bring Earth back to its former glory, and it’s the point from which Avril’s mental power is released.

The primary source of inspiration for its design was the Egyptian creation myth:

Once there was nothing but endless dark water without form or purpose until one day, out of darkness and swirling chaos, the universe took shape and the first deities, the Earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut, gave birth to Isis, Osiris, Set, and Nephthys and created life itself.

The reason behind the choice of this particular reference can be found in the message we wanted to convey, which is the opposition between the concepts of origin, life, and rebirth and that of chaos.

At the same time, the shape of a Sun and a Moon aims at amplifying the idea of equilibrium between opposite and complementary forces thanks to which the universe was created and continues to exist.

The celestial bodies have intrigued humanity since the primordial times. Our ancestors observed these marvels of nature keenly and used them to explain the origin of life itself and understand its logic.

The Sun and the Moon, more than any other heavenly object, were considered to be the center of human existence for a very long time.

The Sun and the Moon can represent even wholly different things in different cultures, but the one thing that they always have in common is their polarity: light and dark, day and night, male and female. The Sun is the realm of day and the waking hours’ self, and the Moon inhabits the landscapes of the soul, emotions, and dream life.

But we should never forget that their existence depends on each other despite them being opposites.

The Moon has many different meanings.

Usually, it stands for wisdom, femininity, knowledge, understanding, completion, death, and rebirth, and quite often, it also represents the rhythm of time. The Moon’s phases symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment, or the dark side of nature herself.

Many well-known mythologies and religions feature the Moon as a goddess, including the Greek goddess Artemis, the Roman goddess Luna, the Egyptian goddess Isis and the Chinese goddess Chang’e. However, there are some exceptions: Sin of the Mesopotamians, Mani of the Germanic tribes, Tsukuyomi of the Japanese, Igaluk/Alignak of the Inuit, and the Hindu god Chandraare are only some of the male lunar gods spread across the globe!

On the other hand, the Sun is a symbol of power, growth, health, passion, and life. In antiquity, it was frequently viewed not as simply a physical phenomenon but as a god, mainly for the ability to create life and making crops grow to sustain villages. In some cases, this divine Sun was also closely tied to an earthly ruler’s power and assumed divinity, such as a king or pharaoh.

Last but not least, the color and position of the amulet are clearly inspired by the Hindu sixth chakra, the Ajna or Agya. The Ajna symbol is located in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows and it’s also known as the third eye.

It’s believed to govern our ability to understand, perceive, and see beyond what lies in front of our eyes. The third eye is the source through which we can gain a higher understanding of reality, guiding us in our actions and choices. When this chakra is activated, it is believed to amplify the power of our minds.

While there are variations in the color of Ajna, this is usually indigo/purple, the meaning of which is often associated with wisdom, mystery, and faith.

The blazing purity of the Sun and the ever-flowing wisdom of the Moon fight by Avril’s side and will be the key to restore and preserve universal balance. But don’t think that is going to be a breeze!

Everything in the universe of Batora: Lost Haven is driven by opposing forces whose boundaries may be so blurred sometimes that their difference ceases to exist. It’s up to you to decide whom to trust.

So buckle up: you’ve got quite a long journey ahead of you!

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