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Meet Batora: Lost Haven

What only a day ago was still a new, undisclosed Stormind Games’ project, has finally been revealed: the story-driven action RPG Batora: Lost Haven!

Presented yesterday, January 27th, through IGN’s worldwide exclusive, Batora: Lost Haven follows Avril –  a regular 16-year old girl, not a natural-born hero – as she realizes, after losing everything she cares for, that she is the only one who can save a devastated planet Earth from oblivion

This is how her interplanetary adventure starts: along this journey, she will visit colorful and mysterious planets – all with the eye-filling visuals inspired by the Retro Sci-Fi Art of the 1950s – and meet the most intriguing characters in the whole universe! 

And, above all, she will learn that every choice has a consequence.

Every single decision Avril makes will turn out to be important, often even life-changing, for the characters she meets or the places she visits.

Seeing notable collaborations with award-winning writer Anne Toole (Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher, Days Gone), Ron Fish – composer of the soundtracks of God of War and the Warner Bros Arkham Series, and former Assassin’s Creed Concept Artist Borislav Mitkov, Batora: Lost Haven is a fast-paced adventure rich in plot twists, emotions and adrenaline, that will allow you to shape your own story as it unfolds, challenging your strategy skills – this game will require you to think fast and react even faster!

Batora: Lost Haven will launch for PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, the release date is yet TBA.

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Batora: Lost Haven reaches GOG.com

There is a place in the galaxy where our interplanetary adventure wants to lead us! And it’s your PC! Batora: Lost Haven is now available […]