The rune mechanics in Batora: Lost Haven

Hello Keeper of Balance! 

In our last blog post we went to the discovery of all the updates about Batora: Lost Haven, but now it’s time to focus on what concerns the gameplay and some of the features related to it, specifically about the level up system and the rune mechanics.

We already know that in Batora: Lost Haven the action component will be very important, but today we want to focus on what will be the features related to the RPG: not only the level up system, but also the functioning of the runes, which will allow us to customize even more Avril and make our combat system even more layered.

How to Level Up

Let’s start with the level up system, which is based on the accumulation of EXP points based on how many opponents we are going to defeat. Each mob will give you a specific amount of EXP points, which will allow you to level up even during a fight with a horde. We wanted to make it much more hardcore and block HP recovery as you level up: your stats will change, but you can’t rely on level up to recover energy. Keep this in mind! 

Avril’s level up

Obviously, in addition to defeating the monsters, Avril will be able to complete the main missions to accumulate EXP points and level up. We have already mentioned that Avril’s attributes will increase, so we specify that you will have both a physical and mental increase: HP and base attack value to start. The level up, however, will also bring another very important change from the point of view of the combat system: it will provide you with a new neutral rune point. And this allows us to enter the topic of the runes.

The runes mechanics

Avril will always have the same weapons with her: to be able to customize them, and to also be able to customize Avril, we will have to rely on the runes. These will be both neutral and linked to the orientation of the protagonist, that can be both a defender and a conqueror. What do they mean? We will see it in more detail later. For now, just know that based on your karma you will accumulate rune points that will follow your balance, whether it is conqueror or defender, thus unlocking the possibility of equipping specific runes.

The Inventory with our runes equipped

A neutral rune will bring you only bonuses and no malus, but the former will be contained from the point of view of the advantages provided. With a Defender rune, however, as well as with a Conqueror, you will have a bonus which will correspond to a malus. Do you want some examples?

Conqueror Rune: + 10% Critic Rate, -5% Mental Defense
Defender Rune: + 10% Mental Defense, -5% Physical Defense

Then, each planet you visit will unlock new abilities. Avril begins her adventure, starting with basic attack and dodging, then she will learn the first pair of skills and so on, from planet to planet, for a gradual progression. In this phase of growth the runes will be fundamental, which will also add effects on the skills unlocked. Do you want some examples?

The Natural Boost

After the first planet you will unlock an ability called Natural Boost, a mechanic that will enhance some of your abilities. When you unlock the shield, which will allow you to reflect the hits, with the right rune equipped during the Natural Boost (the rune called “Frangar, Non Flectar”) it will be possible to create an area behind the shield that will activate a recover of your HP, so you can not only reflect the blows of your opponents, but also find a moment of serenity to soothe your wounds.

Frangar, Non Flectar – the shield ability improved by Natural Boost

It will be up to you to decide how to deal with your equipment and how to customize Avril, depending on your way of playing and how you are facing the adventure. This type of customization allowed us to avoid entering a skill tree that forced you to unlock skills that you would not have used with the sole aim of getting to unlock the next one. In Batora: Lost Haven you will have total flexibility in customizing Avril and your fighting style, creating a build that will satisfy you in all respects. Ensuring balance in the build is our priority from a gameplay point of view.

We can’t wait to be able to show you all the runes that you will have available in your inventory and let you find out how many mixes you could make thanks to this deep and customizable combat system. 

Did this system intrigue you? Would you like to know more? Do you know we have a Discord channel that you can join and talk to the team whenever you want?

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